Bringing a McKinsey story to life across multiple touchpoints

A case study of the 'Impossible Foods' digital feature and campaign


I designed this complete digital editorial experience for McKinsey & Company. My duties included layout in Figma for the Sitecore CMS, art direction, PDF layout, and newsletter promotion.

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Wireframing a Sitecore layout

A high-fidelity wireframe created in Figma (left) has multiple purposes. It's used to collaborate with editors to achieve the right balance of text and visuals. It also provides the production team with a guide for modules, content, pullquotes and other elements.

Separately, I collaborated with the video team to review hero clips and interview segments, suggest edits, and review placements.


Broadening the reach

McKinsey's strategy is to provide digital and print versions for each article, which increases engagement by providing multiple formats. My PDF layout of this article provides a consistent experience across this alternative touchpoint.

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Newsletter promotion

The McKinsey Shortlist newsletter was used to drive traffic to the piece. I crafted all graphics for McKinsey newsletters including The Shortlist, where this piece was promoted.


Social media promotion

This social video for The Shortlist also promotes the Impossible Foods piece and includes motion graphics that I created in After Effects.

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Publishing ecosystem for Softbank Vision Fund

Capturing the attention of an exclusive audience for the world's largest technology fund

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An interactive portfolio

We developed an interactive portfolio with expandable cards for dozens of SIF investments. This fully custom component took inspiration from V.C. websites while maintaining similar styles to the Kit of Parts.