“Conjuring the future” with McKinsey’s The Next Normal

Layout and art direction for McKinsey's forward-looking multimedia franchise


I was the design lead on McKinsey's franchise The Next Normal. In this series, leading executives and McKinsey experts share forward-looking industry trends. My duties on The Next Normal features included full low-code layouts in Ceros, motion graphics, hero graphics, and more.

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Interactive Ceros layouts

I designed each issue of The Next Normal in the low-code pagebuilder Ceros. This allowed for interactive data visualizations, scrollytelling elements, and fully responsive layouts.

Diversity of content

Each edition included a sophisticated balance of video interviews, data visualization, and editorial articles – allowing each story to come to life in a variety of media formats.


Data that tells a story

Each edition of The Next Normal included McKinsey's best-in-class charts or 'exhibits.' The house style for these charts is to use a headline that that tells the story of the data, and a dek that describes the values and input.

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