Redding Design: The Social Media Design Experts

There’s a lot of competition for eyeballs on social media. That’s why you need an awesome social media designer to make your content stand out and express your brand. That’s where Redding Design comes in. Ready to proceed? Visit our portfolio or contact us now.

Use The Right Tool For The Job

Social media is always in flux, so how do you choose the right social medium for your message? The story and the message in your content should dictate whether you publish an animated video, a static graphic design, an interactive GIF, or another format. That’s why you need an awesome team of social designers. We know how to amplify your message, whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

If you hire the right social media designer, you can be sure that your Facebook ads design is the right orientation and your Instagram story includes a successful call-to-action. We can even help you repurpose ephemeral content for long-tail formats and leverage legacy content for emerging social formats. Why not transform that evergreen blog post into a fresh new Facebook video design?

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Stand Out From The Crowd

We know how to make communicative, eye-catching content that expresses your brand values. That means that your brand identity will be seamlessly woven into social media designs that tell a story. Furthermore, we’re always looking for engaging ways to use emerging tools to tell your story. How can animation cleverly integrate with your story? How can we increase audience engagement┬áby cleverly leveraging new media forms for your designs? These are elements of your brand that we’ll fine-tune on a daily basis.

Case Studies

We’ve created social graphics for Women’s Health, TED Conferences, and Culture Creature. You can view all of our work in our portfolio.

Let’s Work Together.

If you’re seeking a freelance social media designer, look no further. Contact Redding Design today.